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Sample Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

If either party fails to electronically sign and return this agreement to DVC Rental Pros, LLC, any payment of deposit or balance due by Renter or acceptance of funds by Member will also constitute acceptance of this agreement and this contract becomes binding.


This agreement is made the ___ day of _____, ____ by and between XXXX (the “Renter”), XXXX (the “Owner”), and DVC Rental Pros, LLC (the “Intermediary”).



  • All Sales under this agreement are final and non-refundable and no cancellations or changes can be made for any reason.  This includes but is not limited to hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms, tornadoes, natural disaster, climatic conditions, acts of God, park closures or cancellations, resort closures or cancellations, Disney Vacation Club closures or cancellations, Disney Vacation Club reservations suspensions or cancellations, closure of any and all resort accommodations and amenities, resort construction, park construction, Disney Vacation Club construction, acts of terrorism, criminal acts, pandemics, epidemics, disease, war, riot, governmental order restrictions on any level, Federal or State declared State of Emergencies, personal hardship, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the Intermediary’s or the Owner’s control. Neither the Intermediary or the Owner shall be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to the Renter or Renter’s travel party in connection with the aforementioned occurrences.

  • Renter acknowledges, understands and agrees that they will not be able to change reservation dates, accommodations, or resort for your reservation for any and all reasons and conditions.

  • Intermediary has strongly advised Renter to highly consider the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.  Intermediary also strongly recommends that Renter consider purchasing travel health insurance if not a United States of America Resident.

  • The Disney Vacation Club, Disney Resort, and Disney Theme Parks undergo closures, refurbishments, renovations and construction at times.  The Intermediary and Owner will not be held liable for the closure or suspension of any and all amenities, attractions, entertainment, buildings and grounds at Disney resorts and properties.

  • Renter understands that room requests cannot be guaranteed and neither Intermediary nor Owner will be held responsible for any specific room request that are not fulfilled by Disney. Renter acknowledges and understands that accommodation or resort condition issues or noise issues due to renovations, refurbishments, closures or other resort guests are in no way the responsibility of the Intermediary or Owner and neither party will be held liable for any issues that may occur.

  • Renter acknowledges and understands that all Disney Vacation Club accommodations and buildings, including balconies, are nonsmoking.  Renter will be charged a cleaning fee by Disney Vacation Club if any nonsmoking area is smoked in.  Renter agrees to pay all cleaning fees assessed by Disney Vacation Club and will need to acknowledge this on check-in.

  • Renter acknowledges and understands that pets are not permitted anywhere on Disney Vacation Club property and are not permitted to stay at Disney Vacation Club Resorts, except for service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Renter agrees to the following reservation summary and agrees to pay the ‘Total Balance Due to Intermediary Now’ of $XXXX today:


Reservation Summary


Renter Full Address:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Renter Phone Number:  XXX-XXX-XXXX

Renter E-Mail Address:  XXXXXX@XXXXX.COM

Reservation Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Accommodations: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Number of Rented Points: XXX

Cost Per Rented Point: $XX.XX
Total Cost of Points to Renter: $XX
Total Balance Due to Intermediary Now: $XXXX


  • Failure of Renter to pay ‘Total Balance Due to Intermediary Now’ of $XXX today to Intermediary will result in the forfeiture and release of the reservation.

  • Renter will not sub-lease their reservation to a third party.  Renter acknowledges and confirms that the following and only the following persons will occupy the rented Disney Vacation Club room:


Adult Guests:


Youth Guests:

XXXXX XXXXX – x years old


  • Renter acknowledges that all updates to the reservation such as adding dining plans, Magical Express reservations, room requests, among others require at least 30 days advance notice to Intermediary prior to Renter’s check-in date in order to have time for Intermediary to communicate all updates to the Owner to process.

  • Renter acknowledges that should they decide to add a dining plan to their reservation, that this will be an added cost that they will have to pay for each person on the reservation at the then current dining plan rates plus a 5% processing fee.  This payment will be due in full prior to adding to the reservation and will require at least 30 days advance notice and payment to Intermediary prior to Renter’s check-in date.

  • This agreement is to rent Disney Vacation Club points that are for the accommodations listed in the aforementioned ‘Reservation Summary’ and do not include any tickets, special event tickets, special access, dining plans, tours, transportation, meals, insurance, or other items included.  Any and all such add-ons are not guaranteed to be able to be purchased, used, or executed and are an added expense to the Renter that the Renter must pay for separately if they so choose and are not covered by this Rental Agreement.

  • Renter understands that there are no daily housekeeping services at Disney Vacation Club Resorts.  According to current Disney Vacation Club Resort rules, Renter will receive Trash & Towel service on day four if Renter’s stay is less than eight nights.  Renter will receive full cleaning service on day four and Trash & Towel service on day eight for stays of eight nights or longer.  The cycle begins again on day twelve.  Day one is check-in day.  Renter understands that both the Trash & Towel service schedule and full cleaning service schedule are subject to be changed, altered or suspended if Disney Vacation Club so chooses.  Renter understands both the Intermediary and Owner have no control over this and will not hold the Intermediary or Owner responsible for any changes that Disney Vacation Club imposes to both Trash & Towel services and full cleaning services.

  • Renter acknowledges and agrees to follow all Disney Vacation Club terms, policies, and rules and will be held 100% responsible for the failure to comply with any such terms, policies and rules including and up to the cancellation and forfeiture of their entire reservation without refund.

  • Renter agrees to provide the Disney Vacation Club Resort where their accommodations are with a valid and acceptable credit card upon check-in for incidentals and any other charges and/or damages incurred and imposed by the Disney Vacation Club Resort or Walt Disney Company connected to Renter’s stay at and use of the Disney Vacation Club Resort and Walt Disney Company Property.

  • Renter acknowledges and agrees to be 100% responsible for any unpaid charges, any and all assessed charges for damages to the room rented including but not limited to its contents and improvements, damage to Disney Vacation Club property, and/or damage to Disney property during Renter’s stay.  Any and all such unpaid charges or damages assessed to the Renter or charged or assessed to the Owner or Owner’s membership will be paid by the Renter in full.  Any and all such unpaid charges or damages assessed will be paid within 10 days of notice to Renter.  A fax or e-mail copy of a Disney Vacation Club or Walt Disney Company communication with a description of such charges or damages shall satisfy sufficient notice to Renter of such charges or damages.  Renter acknowledges and agrees to pay any and all such fees and expenses related to the collection of the aforementioned charges or damages from the Renter including but not limited to all legal fees, costs and expenses, incurred by the Owner, incurred by the Intermediary, and/or incurred by their assigned agents.

  • Renter also agrees to indemnify and pay in full Intermediary and Owner for all claims, costs, charges, and damages incurred by them, including all legal fees, costs and expenses incurred by either of them, which are caused by any wrongful, improper or negligent act or omission of Renter or any other persons permitted by Renter to occupy or access the accommodations.

  • Should accommodations not be available on date of arrival due to an action or omission by the Owner, including but not limited to negligence on the part of the Owner and, after communication with the Intermediary, suitable comparable accommodations, as determined by Intermediary in Intermediary’s sole discretion, for the same dates cannot be secured by the Owner, the Renter will be due a refund limited to the amount paid which is $XXXX US Dollars and such refund shall be the full responsibility of the Owner. In the event that suitable comparable accommodations, as determined by the Intermediary in the Intermediary’s sole discretion, are available for a sum greater than the original amount paid by the Renter, the difference in value shall be the responsibility of the Owner.

  • Renter and all guests on Renter’s reservation must present a valid passport in order to enter and exit the United States of America if not an American Citizen residing in the United States of America.  This is the responsibility of the Renter and/or guest to provide and present and Renter and/or guest will be denied entry into the United States of America without a valid passport.  Entry may be denied into the Unites States of America even with a valid passport.  Any and all costs incurred by the Renter and/or guest related to entry into the United States of America will be the sole responsible of the Renter and/or guest.

  • Renter acknowledges that living standards, conditions, cultural norms, and practices at the Disney Vacation Club and Disney property with respect to the provision of utilities, services, amenities, and accommodation may differ from those found in Renter’s resident country and may differ from Renter’s expectations.

  • This Rental Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in all respects to the laws of the State of Connecticut, United States of America.  All parties hereto agree that any dispute under this agreement shall have venue in the courts of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  If any part of this Rental Agreement is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable by the courts of Fairfield County, Connecticut, that will in no way affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.

This Rental Agreement is agreed and accepted in full by all parties below.

Name of Renter:

Renter’s Signature:

Date of Renter’s Signature:


Name of Owner:

Owner’s Signature:

Date of Owner’s Signature:


Name of Intermediary:  DVC Rental Pros, LLC

Intermediary’s Signature:

Date of Intermediary’s Signature:

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