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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on Deluxe Villa Rentals, DVC points, and more?  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by guests.

If you have additional questions, please Contact Us for help.

Where do I go to book a reservation?

Please use our Availability Request Form found here and we will respond back to you within 24 hours on your chosen room and resort’s availability!

How much can I save over booking direct with Disney?

Short answer… a lot!  For a more detailed breakdown, please see our DVC Rental Savings page found here.  We also invite you to use our Cost Calculator and compare your results against similar reservations found online on Disney’s own website.

Can I really stay in a Disney Deluxe Villa for the same price as a moderate resort?

Yes, many times you can!  Take a look at some of our comparisons here.

When should I book my Deluxe Villa stay?

As far in advance as possible (up to 11 months out)!  But for more specific guidelines by resort, refer here.

That's it?!  There must be some catch or hidden fees right?

There are no added taxes or fees on top of this price with the exception of a small credit card fee if you chose to pay by credit card.  If you decide to pay by ACH Bank Transfer, you do not have to pay this credit card fee.  We want to be upfront with our pricing and have you come back to us for years to come.  

Can I check for Disney Deluxe Villa availability online myself?

Unfortunately you cannot check availability yourself.  Only Disney Vacation Club members can check Villa availability and this a FREE service that we perform for all of our guests upon submission of an Availability Request Form.

How can I find information on all of the Villas that I have to choose from?

Please find information on all of the available Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts here.

Am I able to check the availability of multiple resorts at once?

Yes you can!  You are able to choose up to four Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts and room selections for us to check availability on.  You would rank these in order from your first choice to your fourth choice.

Will I receive a reservation confirmation once booked?

Yes, you will receive a reservation confirmation number once we secure your booking.  You will be able to use this confirmation number to connect to your reservation online through the My Disney Experience App. 

With Pixie's Lyft-Off Program, when will I receive my redeemable gift card code?

You will receive your redeemable gift card code within 1 - 2 business days of your full payment being processed on your reservation.  

If I make multiple reservations that include the same dates, will all the points be able to count towards Pixie's Lyft-Off program?

Only the points rented for each individual reservation will be counted towards the Lyft-Off Program.  For example, if you make a 165 point reservation and a shorter 50 point reservation separately, only the 165 point reservation will qualify for a $25 redeemable Lyft gift card code.

With Pixie's Lyft-Off Program, can I only use the redeemable Lyft gift card on Disney Property?

While the intent of the Lyft-Off Program is to provide our renters with a flexible option for convenient and stress free transportation while enjoying their vacation on Disney Property, the Lyft redeemable gift card code will allow you to use the gift card anywhere that Lyft operates around the world.

Is there a limit on the amount or number of times I can earn Lyft redeemable gift card codes through Pixie's Lyft-Off Program?

There is no limit to the maximum amount or number of times you are able to earn Lyft redeemable gift card codes through Pixie's Lyft-Off Porgram.  The higher number of points you rent on each individual reservation, the more you will earn in Lyft redeemable gift card codes through Pixie's Lyft-Off Program.

How much do you charge per point?

The cost per point rented along with our payment terms is located here.  To find out the cost for your specific stay, please use our Cost Calculator.

How many points will my reservation be and how much will it ultimately cost me?

To find out the number of points required for your stay and the total cost, please enter your dates into our cost calculator located here.

What is a premium booking?

A premium booking is a higher per point charge at select in-demand resorts when booked more than 7 months in advance.  These resorts tend to fill fast and require higher compensation to DVC owners who are able to book these resorts 7 months in advance.

A full list of the resorts that qualify as a premium booking more than 7 months in advance can be found here.

Please note that our Cost Calculator takes this into account so there is no need to add any extra fees to the price shown.  The price you see is the price you pay.

What are the payment terms?

Our payment terms can be found here.

Can I add a Disney Dining Plan onto my reservation?

Yes, the Disney Dining Plan is able to be added to your reservation at anytime up until 60 days out.  For more information, please visit our Dining Plan page here.

I saw that Disney is offering a promotional free dining plan... am I able to receive that?

No, any free dining offer would have to be for a reservation booked directly through Disney.  'Free' isn't ever truly free though so we invite you to compare the price of booking directly through Disney with a 'free' dining plan versus booking through our company. 

Do you require any kind of deposit to check availability for my trip?

Unlike other DVC point rental sites that ask for up to $200 partial payment prior to searching for availability, we do NOT require a deposit or charge anything to fulfill your complimentary Availability Request.  We do NOT believe that this should be something that our renters have to pay for before they even know if availability exists for their desired reservation. 

Am I able to book a deluxe villa for one night or book a stay of less than 50 points?

Yes, we are happy to fulfill reservations of less than 50 points and are one of the only point rental companies to do so.  We also offer the lowest price of any point rental site on these reservations.. 

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

No, as your reservation is booked through a DVC Owner's points which have separate rules of point expiration, we are unable to modify or cancel your reservation once booked for any reason whatsoever.   While DVC Rental Pros does not offer travel insurance, we recommend that you look into the option of purchasing trip insurance from one of the many third parties that do.

I plan on driving to Disney/renting a car at Disney... do I have to pay for parking?

No, parking is free at your resort when you rent a deluxe villa with DVC points.  This provides even greater savings over booking direct with Disney!

Am I able to check in online in advance of my reservation?

Yes, you are able to check in 60 days prior to your reservation through the My Disney Experience app.  You are not able to check in online in advance for reservations at the Grand Californian at this time though.

Am I able to make Advance Dining Reservations?

Yes, you are able to make Advance Dining Reservations 60 days from your check-in date.  More information can be found here.

What time is check-in to my deluxe villa?

4:00 PM EST is standard check-in time, but you are able to check-in early to start your vacation.  Any additional bags you may not want to carry with you can be checked with bell services until your room is ready. 

How does housekeeping work?

Mouse(house)keeping works different than a standard Disney room, but can be an added on service during your stay if desired.

What is Included:

Trash is collected daily for stays of all length.

For stays between four and eight nights, you will receive Towel service on day four.  For stays eight nights or longer, you will receive a full cleaning service and Towel service on day four and Towel service on day eight.  Additional mousekeeping services are available on a per service fee.

***Due to COVID-19, Disney has put their additional added Mousekeeping services on hold and these cannot be added at this time.  We will update this page to reflect current information as it is released.***

Additional Added Services:

Additional Full Cleaning Fee:

Deluxe Studio - $30 per day requested
One Bedroom Villa - $45 per day requested
Two Bedroom Villa - $60 per day requested
Three Bedroom Grand Villa - $75 per day requested


Additional Towel Fee:

Deluxe Studio - $15 per day requested

One Bedroom Villa - $20 per day requested

Two Bedroom Villa - $25 per day requested

Three Bedroom Grand Villa - $35 per day requested



What is the best way to travel from/to Orlando International airport (MCO)?

Disney has unfortunately ended their free Magical Express service as of December 31, 2021.  Alternative transport options can be found here.

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