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DVC Rental Savings

"Deluxe Resorts For Half The Price"


This is not just our slogan, but it is what actual savings can be over paying full-price rates through Disney directly for the same Deluxe Villa accommodations.

Staying on property at Disneyworld can be a pricey proposition.  From excessively high priced Deluxe rooms to Moderate rooms that lack value, it can be a tough pill to swallow to pay to stay on property. 


By renting points through DVC Rental Pros though, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over booking directly with Disney.  Sound too good to be true?  Check out our direct comparisons below!


After looking at the below comparisons, we urge you to go directly to the source and compare the price of the same room direct from Disney versus our Cost Calculator located here.  Our prices beat Disney’s direct pricing every time along with our competitors.

Saratoga Springs – 7 Nights – Deluxe Studio, Preferred Room

Check In:                 November 16, 2023

Check Out:              November 23, 2023

Disney:                    $4,884

DVC Rental Pros:   119 Points / $2,499

SAVINGS:               $2,385 

That's almost HALF the price !!!!

Saratoga Springs From Water.jpg

Animal Kingdom Lodge – 5 Nights – Two Bedroom Villa, Savanna View

Check In:                 December 17, 2023

Check Out:              December 22, 2023

Disney:                    $13,995

DVC Rental Pros:    210 Points / $4,410

SAVINGS:               $9,585

That’s almost a 70% Discount !!!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas DVC Rentals | DVC Rental Pros | Disney Vacation Club Rentals | DVC Point Rental

Compare a Deluxe Villa to a Moderate Resort Room !!!

Old Key West - 8 Nights - Deluxe Studio


Coronado Springs – 8 Nights – Standard Room

Check In:                     November 9, 2023

Check Out:                  November 17, 2023

Disney:                        $3,536

DVC Rental Pros:        112 Points / $2,352

SAVINGS:                    $1,184 / 33% !!!!

Old Key West DVC Rentals | DVC Rental Pros | Disney Vacation Club Rentals | DVC Point Rental
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