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Pixie's Point Program

Pixie's Point Program rewards loyal renting DVC Owners with more cash per point!

By joining Pixie's Point Program, you will be rewarded for the number of points that you rent with DVC Rental Pros.

Anytime you rent your DVC points through DVC Rental Pros you will earn Pixie Points.  Upon completion of the point rental reservation, your Pixie Points will be added to your Owner Bank.  Your earned Pixie Points NEVER EXPIRE and are counted for LIFE.

When you reach the below brackets of Pixie Points in your Owner Bank, you will earn the corresponding extra amount for each new point rented out through DVC Rental Pros.

For each point rented, one Pixie Point will be added to your Owner Bank at the completion of the reservation.

DVC Rental Pros - Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Rentals - Pixie The Giraffe
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