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Pixie's Lyft-Off Program

While Disney's Transportation system offers a complimentary way of traveling across Disney Property and includes buses, boats, monorails, and gondolas, it is not always the most efficient way to get around.

To remove the stress that can be associated at times with the Disney Transportation system, DVC Rental Pros is proud to offer our Lyft-Off Program to our DVC Deluxe Villa Renters!

With the DVC Rental Pros Lyft-Off Program, we award redeemable Lyft Ride-Share Gift Cards to renters to use while on vacation!

For every 100 points you rent for a single reservation, you will receive a $25 Lyft Gift Card.  

Once you receive your gift card code, you will then need to enter it into your account on the Lyft App.  After that, enjoy the benefits of traveling to and from different locations on property without the need to involve multiple modes of Disney Transportation, excessive bus wait times, and without stress! 

For example, use your redeemable Lyft Ride-Share gift card to travel from Animal Kingdom Lodge to a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian without having to first wait for a bus, then transfer at the Magic Kingdom, wait for the monorail, ride the monorail four stops, and finally arrive at your Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR).  This helps to remove the stress of transportation and lets you get back to relaxing on your Disney vacation!

Using Lyft-Off Program

Estimated Travel Time:  15 - 20 Minutes

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Grand Floridian ADR

Using Disney Transportation

Estimated Travel Time:  1 - 1.5 Hours

Animal Kingdom Lodge Bus
Magic Kingdom
Monorail - 4th Stop
Grand Floridian ADR
DVC Rental Pros - Pixie Lyft-Off Program
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